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Formed in the spring of 2004 by Aaron Miller, Kody Denike, and Landon Hornbeck in Montrose, Colorado, Edison Gale spent their summer writing. They met and wrote daily in the band room of a local middle school til school started and were then forced out into the cold, hard streets of southern Montrose. Soon after that, they were picked up and placed in the arms of their good shepherd, Chris Coffman(member of Sine Qua Non). In the months that followed, The Gale fine-tuned their chaotic, impassioned sound while picking up their bassist, Cody Crump. In that time the boys of Edison Gale played a handful of shows in southern Colorado with bands like Ethan Durelle, Sherwood, and Sin Qua Non. Currently, they are spending time in the studio working on some tracks for their ep, hoping to be released near the beginning of summer. This summer holds big plans for the boys of Edison Gale. A tour is in the works for the latter end of june with good friends Sine Qua Non and local Austin favorite Pompeii. All the proceeds from the Illuminate Tour will be going to World Vision to help the tsunami relief effort. All tour dates are planned to be in the Austin area, so mark your calendars folks.